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   Acupuncture's Strengths   Heal Your Inner Self

Acupuncture is the world's largest drug free therapy and is a 3,000 year old holistic therapy, effective in treating a broad range of disorders, a number of which are listed here. Acupuncture is just one application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory which also includes Herbal Medicine, Exercise & Massage.

In TCM theory there is no separation between a persons physical, mental or emotional state. A persons Qi, (energy or life force ), Shen (Spirit and emotions) and Jing ( genetic qualities or ancestral essence) are all taken into consideration within TCM theory and TCM assessment. We are a member of TCMCI ( Traditional Chinese Medicine Council of Ireland Limited ) and Acupuncture treatments can be recouped from VHI, VIVAS, BUPA through your Out-Patient Insurance. Also, we are easily accessed from Westemath, Roscommon & Leitrim.

   Acupuncture's Strengths   Acupuncture's Strengths

Extensive research has shown that acupuncture techniques cause naturally produced painkillers called endorphins to be released within the body. This produces a 100% natural & drug-free relief from pain and discomfort. This is quite a distinctive approach compared to any western medicine remedy which would involve tablets, solutions or a surgical alternative.

Research has also proven that acupuncture strengthens the bodies immune system and improves the bodies ability to heal itself. Unlike western medicine, acupuncture takes into account the entire body, rather than just focusing on specific symptoms. Acupuncture brings the entire body into balance so the different organs are back working well with each other.

Acupuncture Points

   Acupuncture Points   Your bodies life-energy travels along pathways, called meridians, throughout the body and it is along these meridians on the skins surface that the various acupuncture points are to be found. The acupuncturist views illness as an energetic imbalance along these channels.